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"October" alike Summer

I first met the painter Károly Ferenczy, when I saw this stamp and gave it a heavy role on my “XY” framework. (you can view it here) Than I've started to trace on this painting "October" that you can see on this stamp.

Károly Ferenczy was born in 1862 to a Hungarian family in Austria. He completed a degree from the College of Economy. Than he met the painter Olga Fialka, and marry her. Olga encouraged Ferenczy to explore painting and he went to Paris and studying there. Ferenczy starting to paint in Hungary, when he returned home. In 1893 he took his young family to Munich. Ferenczy studied with the Hungarian painter Simon Hollósy here. Upon his return to Hungary, Ferenczy helped found the Nagybánya artists' colony in 1896, and became one of its major figures. Ferenczy is considered the "father of Hungarian impressionism and post-impressionism" and the "founder of modern Hungarian painting."

Károly Ferenczy, self-portrait. (1893)

This Hungarian stamp dated on 1967 shows off Ferenczy's “Oktober". This is such a glowing autumn look, even that I thought this painting referred an afternoon in a hot summer day. Such a familiar scene this is! An umbrella pulling the cover that thrown on the table in a summer garden, a modest tea service for two, ripe apples accompanying the teas, a thick wrap thrown on a chair for someone who is always cold… Our focus is on the gentleman, who reads the newspaper standing up with astonishing curiosity, without even sitting on a chair. The sun must still be burning, also the gentleman's hat winks to the umbrella being so prominent. This painting really makes a strong “deja-vu!” moment!

This is the garden of the Ferenczy's house in Nagybánya, and the gentleman with newspaper, that we attribute so many meanings to is Ferenczy’s servant, János. He was illiterate, and family members said he held the newspaper upside down while modeling for this painting by Károly Ferenczy. No doubt that you became the focus of many beautiful stories with this painting, János!

P.S: October was painted by Károly Ferenczy as an oil on canvas in 1903 and a collecction of Hungarian National Gallery.

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